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Master Gardeners don't just share their knowledge. On the last weekend of April each year, they share their plants to help fund activities for the year.

Master Gardeners don’t just share their knowledge. On the last weekend of April each year, they share their plants to help fund activities for the year.

Master Gardeners of Greene County will again offer Potting Shed University, beginning on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015 and lasting 12 weeks.  The cost of each class is $5. The series of 12 diverse garden topics will help serious gardeners hone your skills to become a better gardener. You can find out more information on Facebook and www.mggreene.org.

Feb. 9 Winter Seed Sowing

Feb. 16 Hay Bale Gardening

Feb. 23 Worm Composting
Earthworms naturally compost kitchen scraps faster and more efficiently than any other method, producing a nutrient-rich fertilizer in the process. Learn how to do this on a small scale by converting a plastic storage bin into a worm composter. It’s a low maintenance and fun way to recycle!

Mar. 2 Perennials

Mar. 9 Intro to Home Winemaking
Join us to learn the techniques of home winemaking. We will discuss equipment and glassware, sanitation, selection of fruit, preparing the fruit, the crush, evaluating and adjusting the must, and fermentation. The class will also discuss finishing the wine, and bottling for longer term storage. We will discuss the characteristics of Missouri’s grapes and the delightful wines that are possible at home.

Mar. 16 All About Tomatoes

Mar. 23 Companion Planting

Mar. 30 Introduction to Herbs
Did you know that you can easily grow your own bay tree for those bay leaves used in soups, stews and Cajun cooking or that you can make your own herb blends or pesto? Have you tried to grow herbs before & wondered why some herbs didn’t do so well & wanted to try again? Join us as we discuss growing 15 of the most common culinary herbs here in southwest Missouri. If you have room for pots or space in your yard for a small herb garden & 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, you can easily grow enough herbs for all your needs.

Apr. 6 Planting a Water Garden
Learn about the many plants that will thrive in your water garden, from hardy to tropical, water lilies to marginals, even lotus and floaters. Instructions on the right kinds of containers to use, what kind of soil, how to fertilize, different methods of planting, and more. Learn everything from how deep in the water your plants should go, to how to winterize plants and protect them from your fish. Also, see pictures of both common and uncommon water plants. Detailed instructions on exactly how to go about dividing and planting water lilies and other water plants will be provided. Learn what water plants can go in the ground and what ground plants can go in your water garden.

Apr. 13 Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Apr. 20 Container Gardening

Apr. 27 Vertical Gardening

Or, consider this:

March – Learn to Grow in the Garden series put on by the Master Gardeners of Greene County is starting. Check out our Facebook page and our website for more information: https://www.facebook.com/MasterGardenersGreeneCounty or www.mggreene.org.

And by all means, reserve Saturday April 25, 2015 so you can participate in the 18th annual Master Gardeners of Greene County plant sale at Springfield Botanical Garden Center, 2400 S. Scenic The sale begins early, and lasts from 7:30-11:30 a.m., or until or sold out, rain or shine. Plants do go quickly, so get in line early rather than late. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Master Gardeners will be available throughout the sale to answer questions. Check our website www.mggreene.org for more information.

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