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MSU Winery wins two coveted awards for best Midwestern wines

MOUNTAIN GROVE – What makes a good wine? Faculty and students at the Missouri State Univeristy Winery and Distillery at the State Fruit Experiment Station in Mountain Grove know.

Missouri State was recently awarded two top wine awards: The Jefferson Cup in the Red Non-Vinifera Wine category at the Jefferson Cup Invitational and the Best Dry Double Gold Sweepstakes winner at the Mid-American Wine Competition.

“The Jefferson Cup Invitational is the only competition that honors the best of the best among wineries from all of America’s wine regions,” says Marilyn Odneal, clinical instructor of agriculture at Missouri State-Mountain Grove campus. “The Mid-American Wine Competition is held in Iowa and focuses on wines of the Midwest.”

2015 Norton Reserve

For both awards, it was the 2015 Norton Reserve that received top honors.

Vineyards at the MSU State Fruit Experiment State just north of Mountain Grove, home of the Norton Reserve grape that just received two top honors at the Mid-American Wine Competition.

“I think the value of these awards to our research and education winery and distillery is to show that we are producing high quality wines according to commercial standards as recognized by expert wine judges at the competitions,” saYS Odneal. “This demonstrates the credibility of our practices and exposes students to wine competitions which is an important part of marketing.”

Odneal also believes that winning such high honors works as a morale booster for faculty, staff and students involved in production.

“Our wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown at the State Fruit Experiment Station,” says Odneal. “Our entire crew, including Dr. Karl Wilker, research enologist and winery and distillery manager, C. J. Odneal, cellar technician, and our vineyard manager, student interns, practicum students and field and maintenance supervisors and workers take pride in these awards since all have a hand in production.”

The wine production team looks forward to next year’s competition and defending its title.