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George Freeman and Mike Noggle have a combined 70 years in publishing. Each has generations of family living in the Ozarks.

The roots of Ozarks Living began with a discovery: Of all the communities in the entire country, Springfield ranked third in per capita spending on horticultural products. And another fact: The Ozarks is blessed with the most diverse variety of plant life of any region of the country.  We live in one of the most diverse and resilient ecosystems in the world – but it’s not immune from overuse and abuse. Then another fact turned up in a national publication: Springfield has the most unpredictable weather of any city in the United States.

There’s more to see and do in the Ozarks than any place we’ve been. People care deeply about one another here, as well as the way we live.

Ozarks Living provides a select group of advertisers an affordable alternative to reaching passionate consumers through a publication that makes people feel good about themselves.

More than ever, consumers are finding there is value in going green. Even planting the right tree in the right place offers homeowners a potential payback. Making sense of these opportunities is an opportunity to live wisely and well is one of the joys of living in the Ozarkers.

As Ozarkers, it’s part of our nature to love our gardens. We love our lifestyle, our cleaner waterways, our byways and highways and finding some new out-of-the way place. Living greener means living sustainably, often growing our own food both in the ground and on the hoof.

Our mission is pretty simple: We’ll stir the pot for the best ideas, photos and stories we can find. We will write and edit them well, with an occasional dose of whimsy, and use the incredible technology we all enjoy to keep you well-informed online as well as in print.

Ozarks Living and Ozarks Living.com were created to explore the people, places and pastimes of Ozarkers. We hope you’ll tell us and others how we’re doing.

Letters to the Editor: We are delighted to accept timely letters and op-ed articles, ideally no more than 500 words. Please include your e-mail address and a daytime phone number. We will not publish unsigned letters.

George Freeman is a veteran journalist, writer and editor in Springfield with 40 years experience as a journalist and communicator.

George Freeman

George Freeman

His preference is for positive and uplifting stories about people, places, traditions and trends that make the Ozarks one of the most livable regions anywhere. A sixth-generation native Kansan, George has been writing, editing and commenting about issues professionally for nearly half-a-century. He is a Master Gardener and member of the Garden Writers Association of America where he is currently serving as a competition judge.

He has founded several organizations, traveled abroad and at home, competed and judged BBQ competitions in Missouri and Arkansas and serving as a board member with Friends of the Garden. In addition to gardening, his passions include photography, birding, tennis and cooking.

Mike Noggle

Mike Noggle

Mike Noggle has more than three decades experience in print and television sales in the Ozarks, including creation of new publications. A native Ozarker, he enjoys floating, fishing, camping and exploring the Ozarks. He also an accomplished cook and photographer whose children and grandchildren keep him feeling young most days.